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Rune selection menu is goes missing

AuthorRune selection menu is goes missing
In my last WG battle, my rune selection menu just disappeared! It was working fine for the first few turns and after that it just wasnt there anymore. Cost me a star in the WG.

Also, this is not the first time this has happened. It has happened to me in many hunts but I never got bothered.

Runes the whole purpose of playing as a dwarf (pun intended)
2 questions:

- are you sure your creatures still had the possibility to play a rune? If they already have, or if none of the runes is available, the menu won't appear.

But when a stack that can use a rune gets his turn, menu ought to come back.

- did you minimize the menu? There's an Arrow that makes it shrink. maybe you clicked it by mistake?
1) Yes I'm sure that my troops had the possibility to use runes, it has cost me stars in watchers guild multiple times now. I have noticed that it mostly goes missing for the melee troops.

2) I am aware the menu can be minimized but I didn't minimize it.
Sorry for double post but I would like to add that even after it disappears for one troop, take frontier ursary for example, it would appear for my priests in their next turn. And yes I'm sure that there were runes that were available to my frontier ursary.
So, assuming that it may be a bug, i'd tend to think that it could come from your side (as you seem to be the only player affected).

Try 3 things:

1)wipe your cache, remove all cookies, and restart your PC. Clean start.
2) try a different browser and see if it happens again
3) try on a different computer (if you can) and see if it happens again.

Also i'd suggest you to try and take notes:

at the beginning of the battle, write down the runes available on a paper.

note every round played, your actions, and tick off the runes as you use them, and when. Write down also when the menu is available and when it is not(because if somebody watches a replay, they won't see the rune menu).

It will not solve the problem, but may help if somebody has to look through the code.
Okay I will do so, thanks :)
I used to think that too. But I realized that you could only use one rune for melee troops. I always use rune of agility for both my melee troops first. Are you sure you haven't used a rune already on the melee troops that your rune menu disappears on?
you can only use one rune for any one stack, shooter or melee.

Having the central talent only means that the same rune can be used with 2 stacks, but one stack can't use more than one rune once per battle anyway.
I know that only one rune can be used :) the good thing is that problem seems to be fixed :D thanks for the time and effort. :)
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