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15th paired tournament plus


Author15th paired tournament plus
Only just finished the mixed tournament and another already! If anyone is looking for a partner lvl 14 wizard here
level 16 battle wiz/De(new)/elf(new)
online - 17:30- 22:00
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What do people think are the best combos for any faction?

From the look of the mixed tournament the best factions seemed to be tamer DE, dwarf, tribal and charmer elf. However this is in part probably down to flexibility for whichever factions and levels they end up with. All can have a fairly consistent damage output, and a level of last ability (while charmer elves are the classic glass cannon - staying away and using magic prolongs their life while maintaining damage output).

The difference with a preset team is tht strengths and weaknesses of factions can be deliberately balanced.

Some thoughts - One dark caster with a holy caster - the difference between your troops and theirs would be very very significant - weak against two chaos casters therefore perhaps would want one of the factions to have

Defensive faction coupled with DoF caster so as to enable them to do a lot of damage and maintain survivability.

Charmer Elf with chaos DE. Ability to direct an awful lof of damage to one opponent and take them out quick

Two very heavily biased shooters to dominate the advance and counter attack

Other thoughts?
As a demon I found that DD and DoF wizard is really strong combo. Fiends + genies against reduced armor is a death machine
I am lv 16 DoF wiz (fps 11) looking for a partner
Same here looking for an English speaking partner, wasnt able to find one in chat :( , i play as demon, any type of build i can do, whatever my partner wants me to be :) , but would prefer a knight as their bless works wonder on my damage and rapid just put my high initiative troops on fire
I still believe Holy Knights + Dark Demons are best combos ever.
I am also looking for a partner (short term relationship only - no commitment ;)

Level 15 wiz or Dwarf whichever fits best with your faction- both only FL 10 though decent resistances against all and diamond upgrade for Wizard. Can play for short time periods only as am mostly at work and cannot commit to a 30-60 minute battle - around 22:00 to 1:00 server time I can do.
I don't think I was massively clear in my earlier post as rushed what I was saying - so clarifing

I am a Level 15 wiz or Dwarfand wil bewhichever fits best with your faction
For me both only FL 10 thoughI have decent resistances against all and diamond upgrade for Wizard.

I Can play for short time periods only as am mostly at work and cannot commit to a 30-60 minute battle for that time. I am however able to ataround 22:00 to 1:00 server time I can do
DD+ d0f, or DD + tribal would be best imo
lvl 8 necro looking for a partner. Its unreal how dense teammates you get with random.
for agent_004:
I very much agree, I was a DoF battlewise with a defensive dd in random selection. They had no hope. They are forced to target temtresses or risk severely damaging themselves, which limits their ability to remove gremlins or battlemages. By the second time of actions, they start to have confusion or delay (or both) on a lot of troops and just progressively get less effective. They are forced to target on the team mate of the DD as it will take far too long to kill the DD and their damage output is lower, however the dark magic prevents them getting across to kill, and confusion severely restricts damage out put of shooters. Meanwhile the fireballs of DoF mean that good damage is done against any key stacks that need to be eliminated first.

I guess the main weakness would be against duel chaos (probably not a frequent mix) or a similar set up as an opponent.
for Lord MilesTeg:
kill alt wiz first instead of focusing temptress would be much better. after alt wiz get killed the defensive dd is just a waste.
for RevolutionRebel:
I agree, the point is if they decide not to kill temptresses they will get hurt a lot by themselves by possessed troops (and for hard hitting but vulnerable factions like charmer elf, possessing a stack of sharpshooters can seriously hurt their own troops, as well as limit damage to whom they want to attack).

This risk is offset by the need to kill the DD teammate as the only route to winning however this is made more difficult by not being able to get troops to the place where they are needed (delayed troops) or those that can damage at range (shooters) being confused and having their damage severely nerfed. Hence indicated the strength of this sort of combo.

I do recognise equally that you actually play as DD and so have much much more experience of the finer nuances of how they best work, and highly effectively since you got a 100% win rate with them in the mixed tourney, and of course defer in general to your judgements.

By the same token however that shows that you have very little experience at losing with DD, whereas I am probably much more effective at losing with factions generally ;P
Looking for partner, preferably Darkness demon
Level 16.
Level 5 tribal looking for a partner, preferably a fast faction. Elf and knight preferred.
Looking for a level 13 partner with good stats, I play as defensive tde, please message me if interested.
Looking for CL wizard or tribal partner. should have good stats and willing to get gold/silver. Currently I had 15/17 on random and 2/2 on preset
Congrats to revolutionrebel and Darkelf84 who have 15 from 15 wins in the paired tourney preset. I told you he was no good at losing!
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