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Real gambling for free

AuthorReal gambling for free
[Post deleted by moderator velniukstis // this game is not for that. Risk of scam on your link]
Player banned by moderator velniukstis until 2017-04-01 09:48:38 // This game is not about free real gambling. Suspicious links will not be advertised here. Happy fools day
local rule 2.

2. Do not post about or provide links to:
– Unlicensed software;
– Methods of hacking / stealing other people’s information or intellectual property;
– Multilevel marketing (MLM) programs or any other money-making Internet schemes.

it's a scam. That you are affiliate to it or just a future victim, either way you shouldn't post this link here.
Obvious scam.
If you are trying to scam others nothing I can do. However, if you are being scammed, beware that this IS a scam.
closed by MrBattleControl (2017-04-01 04:25:30)
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