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Time Travel

AuthorTime Travel
What would you do if you discovered time travel ?
go back in time and kill you xD
What time period ?
that i'll think when i discover time travel
define "time travel".. :)

you would be very much surprised, were you to find the way to travel backward in the timeline, as, because the part of reality that you are aware of only exist in present, you'd find yourself in a totally different environment.

The only way you'd have to revive events that already happened would be not to 'travel back', but to "rewind" the whole universe so that every particle and wave would walk backward and come back to the desired position. Which of course would require more energy than it took to move them all where they are at present.

Hence why camcorder are so useful XD
Lol :P
Time travel is complex but there can be some ground rules.. No one knows what they are
No one knows what they are

who said that? It's not because *most* ignore some knowledge that it is unknown to all..

What I described are actually the state of the art rules of shifting through time, proofed by physics.
Proofed theoretically lol
They might as well be wrong when they haven't actually seen what time travel is or how it would work. They might have an idea but who knows if its 100% right :)
I would keep dreaming to rest my mind until my alarm wakes me up for work.
Proofed theoretically lol

As someone who studied Economics to a degree level, this makes me laugh so much. :D
one of many:


in practice, since Feynman and the general relativity theory ("time and space can transform into each other"), it is well known that "something" crosses time backward, compared to us.

It's one of the bases explaining why, out of the void, you can get pairings of particles/antiparticles that appear and disappear just of a sudden.
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