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hypnotized AI stacks in pvp

Authorhypnotized AI stacks in pvp

In this battle my temptresses took opponents charmer elf's 4 druids. Lately i noticed that when oponents go AFK, just like this charmer elf and AI steps in, stacks that i should control with hypnotise are actually controled by AI instead of by me and it attacks some random creature. In my opinion this is strange as it works against me to take AI controled stacks. In this case even, as can be seen in the battle link, the AI controled druids even used their special ability and gave my oponent spell power instead of attacking some random character. I wonder whether AI is supposed to control stacks that i should control with hypno, or whether this is a bug which has been here for a long time.
Sounds like a bug, hopefully it's fixed.
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