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AI Dark Elf in Quick Tournament

AuthorAI Dark Elf in Quick Tournament
Look at the Dark Elf AI here, His parameters are definately of higher level, 26 attack and defense and 5 knowledge. He uses Fireball from Magic Guild Level 3 and at some point of time summons venomous spiders(that too 13 and when we are only allowed 11) even though he is a classic Dark Elf(talents belong to Tamer Dark Elf). Something is wrong with the recruiting also lizard cavalry allowed for classic Dark Elf is 12 whereas for Tamer Dark Elf it is 14 even with "Rally". In this case The AI character has got the best of 2 classes and also Chaos spells belonging to higher level. Please help, this is surely a bug
QT link- https://www.lordswm.com/fast_tour_hist.php?id=225883
Title - Quick tournament 2x2 - 38478 // 18-05-17 10:10 - over
AI Character reported - *SERUGIGU122* [7]
He have rare items.
Demonic soldier set
Ok I Thought that parameters were also a bug. Thanks for the clarification, but the usage of Fireball and summoning of Venomous spiders(2 over limit, only allowed to summon 11 at level 7) is surely a bug because this is a CL7 combat and The AI character is a classic Dark Elf( Talents and troops are of Tamer Dark Elf)
Stack of summoned creatures are not restricted upon combat level, but on your faction skill level.
So AI might have more FSL than you, allowing it to summon more creatures.
I thought it was CL level which decided summon creature's count(Thanks for clarification on that) . But the use of Fire Ball is definately not justified at level 7
for Night Crawler:
I just went through
I read that number of summoned creatures depend on both combat level and Faction Skill Level :)
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