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BoW My Alts because of thiere illigal Actions-

AuthorBoW My Alts because of thiere illigal Actions-
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2 2016-10-08 03:25:25
Everyone makes mistakes but it is good to see someone owning up to their mistake :)

In order to get a block quickly you would need to post with each character separately. That means post with your former main and 2 multis one by one. You can keep this message or change, its up to you :)

Good luck

Quote taken from the main post that i made as WizardSneeze

He did say making a post with each alt would perhaps speed up the process, so that is what i am doing. i am breaking my own promise to never log on to these accounts again JUST to make this post. Ban / remove my alts.


This is the ongoing Forum post from my main
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