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Great contest!

AuthorGreat contest!
Long time ago, even before the first combat clan of the Empire was founded, two noble clans were fighting for the right to call themselves great. Those were the clans of Manticore and Griffin, under whose banner the armies of the greatest heroes of those times stood. For a long time there was a struggle between them, and the lands of the Empire saw more than a dozen legendary battles, and who was awarded the victory is not exactly known to this day. After all, so many years have passed since then, and time has wiped away signs that flaunted on banners and arms. Surely I can only say that even today in the heart of each of us lies the spirit of the mighty Manticore and the brave Griffin.

Brave Heroes!

Voivode Grammit and the leader of dwarves Tolgar declare the beginning of the Great Contest:


1) Any hero from 3rd combat level will go over to the side of the Griffin or the Manticore squad;
2) At 00 minutes and 30 minutes of each hour (except night time) will be recruiting for the contest;
3) The battles will take place in the same format as in history - 2x2. Moreover, both rivals and allies can be heroes with artificial intelligence (AI);
4) Only shop artifacts may be worn, enchantments have no effect;
5) The competition will last 10 days, until Jule 12 inclusive;
6) Up to 30 wins can be played in the contest;
7) Heroes will receive 1.5x increased skill points, as well as TG points if the opponent was not an AI on the contrary;
8) Potion of skill action extends on the contest fights;
9) At the end of the contest, the Empire will generously reward all Heroes of both sides;
10) During the competition, the number of victories of each side will be counted, the battles will not be taken into account, where there were heroes with artificial intelligence (AI);
11) The competition is divided into three rounds - the first and second rounds will last 4 days, and the third 2 days. With each round, the parties will have a zero score. The winner will be the party that will win in at least two rounds;
12) Each Hero who has won 3 wins will receive a special artifact (slot: backpack) in the inventory - the Griffin banner or the Manticore banner, with which he will be able to go to the competitions.

Moreover, for the 7th, 14th and 24th victories a special elixir will be awarded:

 For 7 wins

 For 14 wins

 For 24 wins

The effect of elixirs does not apply to battles in PvP events, PvP tournaments, tactician guild, survival tournament and text quests. Elixirs must be used before August 1, 2017.

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