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Mixed tournament plus

AuthorMixed tournament plus
Despite nobody enjoying misfortune, reactions to such events are quite mixed. Some learn a valuable lesson and seize new opportunities with freshly attained knowledge. Others can succumb to melancholy and lose interest in activities that once brought pleasure. No scientific research, secrets of ancient tomes or even the arrival of a new academic year in the magical academy could make court wizard Abu-Bakir as happy, as just a few days ago. His hopes for the latest experiment were set too high. He understood his heart's affliction and even knew a good cure - what he had in his mind was a sincerely incomporable sight which reeked of pure euphoria.

Brave Lords! Yet again the imperial arena calls for unrepeatable battles. All lords from CL 5 and above are invited to partake in the 31st Mixed tournament plus. In order for this tournament to be truly great, its organizer, court wizard Abu-Bakir is demonstrating grand generosity and as such, all participation fees have been canceled. Entry is free of charge for everyone! Do not miss the chance to exhibit your skills in a series of group battles which are composed of multilevelled teams. Be victorious and earn Commanders' Guild points as well as personal tournament points. Those who stand above all others by the end of the event will be awarded with gold and unique tournament achievements:

- 20 victories and 90% win rate

- 20 victories and 80% win rate

- 20 victories

A special elixir will be awarded for every 4th, 9th and 15th victorious battle:

 For 4 victories

 For 9 victories

 For 15 victories

The effects of the elixirs do not function in battles in PvP events, PvP tournaments, Commanders' Guild, Survival Tournaments or text quests. Elixirs must be used before October 1st, 2017.

Beware! This is a new tournament format, in which there are no limits on the amount of losses. Every lord will be able to earn an achievement!
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