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Event battle filter - go with a friend - not working

AuthorEvent battle filter - go with a friend - not working
I have a friend in my list, but I cannot set a common fight with him for the event, while he cannot invite me also on same team

https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7123966 (friends and members of same MC)

- for all other friends i have this option
- i have removed/added him but still not working

Please fix this!
Bro if U cant add him by friend then what i will prefer is that make a millitary clan attack and tell him to join ^^

Otherwise contact Lexa he can help you ^^
well it seems higher lvls friends cannot be invited, i set MC attacks but then some others may join (already happened)
Ask Ingenious to set it up?
He cannot invite me also, we have checked :(
Is this a bug?
I think you guys have some sort of issue, since I can invite higher leveled people. And I checked with Kiisukat and she can invite me.

Are you sure his name isn't on the list of people who are offline? I had that issue with Kiisu the other day
I believe there is some, "slab" / "group". Only combat levels within these groups can invite each other.

When I check the dropdown (I am level 13), only levels 11-13 are shown.

Other possible groups could be:

1) 5-7 (Tier 4 creature)
2) 8-10 (Tier 5 creature)
3) 11-13 (Tier 6 creature)
4) 14-16(?) (Tier 7 creature)

A level 10 and 11 has a significant difference in army strength strength because of a whole new creature addition to army. Hence they could be in different groups. Just speculation. Admins probably decided these on some other factor.
maybe he isn't truly your friend
maybe he isn't truly your friend

lmaaoo xD
Divit might be right - i can invite 8-10 friends
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