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Quick tournament BUG -> my creatures only defend

AuthorQuick tournament BUG -> my creatures only defend
I am fairly new player, but i played some quick tournaments with elves. Everything was ok. I almost won few of them.

Now I have dark elves and i got into quick tournament. I played against regular elf and my creatures were just defending. I was slain and got only 200 exp because my creatures attacked back when attacked in melee, but they did not move at all...

Did anyone else had problems like that?
Did you click offensive or defensive?

And can share the battle?
you clicked defend button at the start,thats combat behaviour

It could be that i pressed that defensive button before start. As i said..i am fairly new player and maybe I pressed it and did not even know. :)

Thanks for your answers. :)
for BenLinus:

if you want your troops to move and attack,click attack button
and if you want your troops to defend and your hero cast spells,click defend button
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