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Portal of Time Opens!

AuthorPortal of Time Opens!
Lords and Ladies, the Portal of Time is open and full of mysteries of the Past! The stars are aligned for 8 days, through Oct 26, and the Portal will stay open for 3 additional days, through Oct 29, to let you complete all the battles. Everyone of combat level 5 and above is welcome to go on an exciting journey in Time and challenge the Inhabitants of the Past. 250 Crystals of Time are provided to start you off. The portal is a sophisticated apparatus that you may only pass through under certain conditions:

- Character talents have no effect.
- Faction skills and unique racial abilities have no effect.
- Only shop artifacts may be worn.
- Artifact enchantments have no effect.
- If creatures of different factions are recruited together, their morale will drop.
- 'Hall of Unity' prevents the decrease in morale.

Portal battles are 2 vs 2. You may not take your normal castle army into combat or use spells your character has learned. Instead, you must spend Crystals of Time to recruit creatures to accompany you into the Past. You may recruit creatures of one or more factions, and field basic and upgraded versions of the same creature at the same time, if you wish. You can also buy access to spells of all magic schools, which as cast at the highest level.

Abu-Bakir guarantees safe return from the Past for all lords and ladies, but limits the number of time travels to 12 per day (unused travels accumulate and may be used later while the Portal is still open). Victorious time travelers are known to earn a good amount of skill points for their current faction, as well as additional Crystals of Time that may be spent to recruit extra armies or upgrade your portal .

Abu-Bakir emphasizes that your main objective is to get as many Crystals of Time as possible. Take notice of the following specifics of the Portal of Time. The number of Crystals gained depends on battle difficulty. Initially 5 difficulty levels are available, from 1 to 5. When you pass level 5, five additional levels become available, from 1 to 10. When you pass level 10, you will move on to levels 5 through 15, etc. You can win no more than 3 battles at each level.

Use your previous experience wisely, distribute Crystals carefully and choose an appropriate difficulty level to achieve the best results. Victories in the Portal of Time will grant you creature armaments, shop artifacts, and MG elements. Last but not least, keep in mind that travels into the Past may mean fatal consequences for the Future… so try not to make mistakes!

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Good luck fighting the Inhabitants of the Past!
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