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Halloween 2017

AuthorHalloween 2017
The prophecy comes true again - tonight the Empire lands are roamed again by the strange pumpkin-bodied creatures. Should you manage to tame one of the Squashmen, it will fulfill your whims of attacking other lords and ladies.
Squashmen acquire experience gradually, making it possible to teach it new abilities. Initially, the mascot will only be able to defeat low level lords and ladies, but over time and combats, it will gain enough strength to battle even the most glorious heroes and lords of the Empire! Thousands of lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above may have lots of fun tonight, while 12,000 most enlightened Squashmen will forever be remarked in achievements of their respected masters (2,000 golden, 4,000 silver and 6,000 bronze):


Any Lord or Lady of CL 3 and above may face a Squashman as hunting target. While browsing personal information of other heroes and lords, it is possible to attack them as long as they are online, armed, not in a challenge/combat, and have a certain recruited troops minimum/their skills assigned. With each attack the Squashman will earn experience, and each victory earns its master some faction skill points. The Squashman's experience points may be spent on improving his parameters; part of the experience may also be exchanged for gold (up to 50,000). Squashman may attack once in 5 minutes. He will vanish at nightfall of Nov,1.

Moreover, today your characters may be unexpectedly visited by nightmares, and fear is not an affordable luxury!
Artifacts do not suffer deterioration in nightmare combats.
Every lord may participate in up to 9 such combats.

Happy Halloween!
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