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Can this annoying all defense meta die already?

AuthorCan this annoying all defense meta die already?
So annoying to not being able to damage anyone while they destroy you. Why are people allowed to deal such damage withnoug having anny attack????
Buddy it's the third post I see from you all these last few days and it's all whining about you losing. It's clear you're on tilt and based on this post from yesterday

Yeah but I am naturally unlucky. Other players have less luck but get it on their first hits meanwhile I only hit luck with an already destroyed stack.

Which implies you are very delusional. As others said, get Thiefs guild, get competitive arts, level up guilds etc etc and then IF you play WELL you will see more wins. That's all there is to it. If you're good you will win in the long run.
Stop doing PvP.

Build your guilds, do PvP later.
truth may hurt, you don't want to hear it. better quit pvp.
I need to win 3 commanders fights for rewards so I cant stop doing pvp right now. I would jump on the defense bandwagon but as an elf my damage would be nonexistant and I would not benefit from my racial ability as a charmer (its directly linked with attack)
you let lizard charge hit you while ignoring shrews by not shooting them,nuff said
for arcdevil sake, please just accept that you are weak bro.
just listen the others advice.
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6 Poisoners were eating me alive, doing damage with no attack. Shrews, I shot them, I didnt damage them. I was hoping to crit and luck kill lizards so they couldnt charge me BUT OF COURSE I DIDNT GET LUCK IN THE ONLY 2 SHOTS I HAD WITH ANCHORITES. 3 LUCK BTW.
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=863388665 [# chat $ E]

You have 10 fsl from elf, 0 anti-resist from barb.
He had 11 fsl from barb, and 5 anti-resist of elf + TG4.

Now do you really believe you deserved to win here?
This is an example of a strong elf in PvP


Her guilds are great, her anti-fsl are great too.

do you see any lessons from the posts here so far?
On the second note, there isn't any problem with elves.
Check out last minor tournament ( 1vs1 ) for lvl 14, 2 charmers elves in gold medal lists, which is 2nd highest by any faction ( after tribals ). And then there are few in silver and bronze aswell.

Thats it, I give up on getting rewards. This game is a filthy pay 2 win. Look at this wizard. I do absolutely no damage to him but his one atack halfs my stack. You said I was delusional about luck? This entire fight the only luck I got was with 1 dragon. One lorekeeper fully dispelling a stoneskin. Totaly fair and balanced game...
Bro that's the same thing again

See your anti wizard resistance ...

And battle wizards counter elves you should know that and when u have TG lvl 0 nothing can be done

PS: i will advice you to level slowly doing battles which give u guild points
and i will recommend you to enroll more and more for that defense u get and get TG as soon as possible elf without TG is joke i know it's ironic that i'm saying it because i myself don't have one but i'm trying my best to get it

All i will say is stop PvP for sometime and focus on guilds GOOD LUCK :D
At this point, I don't think you could be able to win any 1vs1s, should probably go for mixed CGs if you are desperate for reward bonus.
This game is a filthy pay 2 win.

people like you deserve special place, in everyone know where.
btw keep play pvp, so others can get the extra bonus by stomping you.
You wish you got that extra bonus don't you? Calling me unsportsmanlike then insulting me. Genious
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