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Talent wheel - fury barbarian problem

AuthorTalent wheel - fury barbarian problem
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User Requested]
I have a similar issue for tribal. Though the selected talent is not active during battles.
I just saw this:
It is not related to any particular faction or with any type of talent, but within the talent wheel of all the factions!!

Please ignore my first post and request moderator to delete it.

here it goes:

If you select basic offense-> battle fury.
After this try removing basic offense without removing battle fury.
What happens?
It won't get removed... yes, that makes sense.

try taking advanced offence and with it some other inner talent like umm.. archery.
So, you have selected 4 talents basic offense +battle fury+ advanced offense + archery.
try removing advanced offense without removing archery, what happens?
It gets removed... Now, that does not make sense.

Although you cannot save basic offense+ archery+ battle fury after doing this trick, the point is just like you can't remove basic offense when inner talent is selected, similarly, the advanced offense would not be removed!

P.S.: It is not just with offense, defense talents but with every talent on talent wheel.
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