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Goblins and ressurection orb in ST

AuthorGoblins and ressurection orb in ST
Can't show the combat, but heres what happened. I managed to snag a stack of tribal goblins (thanks to their treachery ability), after leaving a 74 goblin stack from the atack (full stack was 1400+)
Later on, a ressurection orb spawned and since the attemt was failed (lost sprites early), I decided to test a bit and moved the 74 goblin stack on the ressurection orb (to see if they ressurect full 1400). They ressurected to 170. After that, I used them to attack a ghost stack (damage calculator said they will deal damage enough to kill 9 of the poltergeists), but the hit dealt 1k+ damage, killing 50 of them. Later on, when the goblins got killed with one hit, after falling they got up, but had no stack number. They also dissapeared from ini bar and when it was a turn for anhorite (that ancho had a turn after the dead goblin). I could not make a move with it, the move did not go through and I got stuck. I restarted the page and when the battle loaded up, it was goblins turn and There was 600+ goblins alive.
when the tribal goblin consumed the orb, it become 1000+, just refresh the page and it turns to be ok.
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