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Racism, rude ways

AuthorRacism, rude ways
Battle ID:
- https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=869879203

Target ID:
- https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=5933657

My friend would come, and we walk talk about the beggining of the Tourney, and whatever.
Enemy would say "Stop talking, you are flooding chat, go away, I may report you, you may have a fine", and so on...
My friend feels uncomfortable, so does as asked, and leaves.
Enemy's friend would come, they would talk about whatever the issue (Battles and Factions, I think), so I would say exactly the same, because he kicked my friend.
He would say "But we are speaking in russian, you are at russian home" (As to mean "This is not your house, you gotta Obey".

Punish if possible, he complains and talks in rude ways to me, then does the same, then laughs.
Thx in advance.
next time post like this bro ;)

"32 ~ 61"
"34 ~ 61"
"37 ~ 63"
"38 ~ 64"
"39 ~ 64"
"11 ~ 3"
"7 ~ 1"
This is a clear case of misunderstanding between the players . The Russian player did not mean to offend the observer of the battle , yet he did find him disturbing and asked to leave . As we all know, during the battle players are marked with blue and red (and other colors if we talk about multiplayer combats). The word "black" was used in this context in order to refer to the color of the player's nickname and in no way it meant to harm the player's feelings.
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