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merry christmas ya'll

Authormerry christmas ya'll
wow, aint been here fo a good minute.

really miss this place but unfortunately I still only have ps3 as internet connection and tho I could connect it is an uber sucky connect lol,

anyways, tho it may take maybe as long as a year, I'm thankfull for...ohh wait a minute...thanksgiving was last month...wrong way to holi~preciate :p

so...it's a Christmas miricale,..instead

AND...maybe just maybe after playin since near the beginning of this game l'll level up again!

Watch out level 10 if I ever get a laptop!

and to the ones keepin this goin...great friggin job keepin the boat afloat :)

and Arctic, if your still out and about in the shadows, when I DO come back I will challenge u to a card duel good sir!
Merry Christmas to everyone!
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