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Rare sets discission

AuthorRare sets discission
I am thinking about starting to do adventurers, and I assume that I need rare sets for best scores. I wanted to have a discussion on what sets are best for what faction/class and what type of playstyle. For example, what is the main diffirence between druid and elf scout sets? Is one better than other or are both meant for diffirent playstyles? Would be really intresting to hear it from people that used them.

If possible, lets cover all the sets :)
Generally pirate set is good choice, cpb is around 3k per battle I think.
Or you can mix artifacts, some from leader and temporal and dungeons too, to get little set bonuses from each set ( I did like this, and its cheaper )
you need money for rare set, heck-a-ton of money.
most of the rare set come enchanted.

pirate set is cheap and good, but the sp and kn may be waste for might build faction.
temporal already very expensive due to scarcity.
last 2 campaigns I use 3 pieces heavy leader (helm, armor, boots), survilurg sword, dagger, and necklace. I can reach 95%+ score on normal difficulty.
my total cost is approx 75k per campaign
ok i know this isnt about Rare sets but can you guys/gals give a description on campaigns?
because i dont see how it can cost that much money for it. i'm kind of confused
Since you are elf,

I also did with both elves campaign last week at expert difficulty lvl and got 95% and 97% score.
I can provide you battles if you need.

And i just used some pirate arts, order of light, some temporal and some normal shop arts.
I see. Do you think a warrior elf set would work fine with charmer?
Yea warrior elf set will work fine too

But somewhere i feel it gives less bonuses :(
Yes ofc it will work fine, but why to spend so much? I don't think its ideal to complete campaign with full rare set; while its possible with good efficiency from other sets which is much cheaper in comparison.
If you have no issue about gold, then go ahead :) you will have easy wins.
Will see. My current goal is to build up castles :)
pirate set is generally good enough for 120% difficulty, but sometimes you may need a little other artifacts for exchange, for example thief amulet/ring of inspiration in hunting battle.
do campaigns earlier before other people make the difficulty too high is the most important point! for example one battle i did in 120% difficulty faced about 4500 guardians(extremely hard and luck dependent even with best artifacts), while in the same battle someone did a year before only facing 2000+ guardians(easily done with shop artifacts).
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