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Impossible win

AuthorImpossible win
Now i fighted in fast tournament and happened thing i cant believe...

Imagine Full enchanted dark el + full enchanted dwarf vs Full enchanted dwarf and knight without any enchants, try to bet who wins.

Yes you are right, wins full enchanted dwarf and knight without enchants aaaargh, i am full of nager, oh my god how could this happen, whats the chance this could end it??

See fight here
and btw i had expert defence talent and the second dwarf not
Doesn't shop artifacts only mean enchants don't work?
Everything works in QT
Oh, it was QT. I thought it was Mixed.
3# From what I understood, it was a QT.

Regarding main post:
Yes, the DE was enchanted, but his Def was only 20-something.
You can see he loses a big amount of Minos n Liz in a couple of hits.
Dragoons die through Aimed shot of xBows, and Patriarchs just sweep Shrews coz low Def.

Imo the problem was your ally, but the enemy Dwarf had +9 Attack than you, I admit.
Also, Monks buffed Dwarf with Holy.
And another factor is that the DE AI just made him suicide.

Chill, it's an Auto Battle, don't take it serious, since you can't control army.
Full enchant doesnt mean 100% win against best shop arts, specially when you had only 2x 5x10 + not best arts for your level
Yes but anyway we had enchanted artifacts and one dwarf killed second together with boosted dark elf, I understand your opinions but its really unbelieveable
It's not that unbelievable, I mean it happened.

AS Ipsen said, the opponent dwarf had 9 more attack than you - which is a lot.

You had 19% ignoring defence and 26.9% decreasing charger's attack, the opposite had, 27.1% for both ignoring defence and decreasing charger's attack.

Your partner had 23 defence, making them paper thin, and also the buffs (as Ipsen mentioned too).

All in all, it was unlucky that you lost, but not an impossible outcome.
enchants work in quick tournament ??
And also AI dwarves does loads of unpredictable decisions when using runes :)
yes dwarf is a lottery, but obviosly it works :)
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