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So I have been thinking about my plans for adventurers guild and whether to target level 2 and at what cost it would be. In part this is because the recent translation of an interview on the HWMDaily site said that the third campaign was almost ready, as with alt dwarf, both would then give me a lot more valid opportunities to get AG points. Also it simply costs a lot – first to have the full castles to even fight the battles, and then for the necessary arts and for the skill potions for the sub factions – if I am going to attempt it I would want to make sure that I can get to the end.
Why now? Well two main points – the recent candies offer a good opportunity for adventurers guild in so far as I think they stack with potions – hence allowing you to battle with even more stats than would otherwise allow – making it easier to get top points – or to do it with less good arts and hence cheaper. Secondly I recall them stating that with campaigns the dynamic balancing means that if you wait a while they effectively get harder – requiring more expensive arts – therefore if it is worthwhile me doing it, I will want to do so with the new campaigns as soon as is feasible.
So my thinking how many castles are needed to reach AG 1 and 2
Assuming alt dwarf is out at release of third campaign this is how the numbers work taking X Average points score = AG points needed /(number of available sub factions X 3(No of campaigns))
3 full castles AG 1 = 1600/(6x3) = 89 – AG1 achieved with a low average score – A2 statistically not possible
4 full castles (one of which is barb) = 1600/(9x3) = 60 for Ag1 (super easy) –AG2 statistically not possible
5 full castles (one of which is barb) = 3600/(11x3)= 109 for AG2 possible with good arts
On this basis 5 castles is the minimum for AG2 on 3 campaigns. Is it worth it – would I be better off doing it on an easier level and waiting for a fourth campaign?
When 4 campaigns become available you would need 100 points on average with 4 castles, and only 82 with 5 castles.
So my conclusion – I think I will get AG1 with my 3 castles when the campaign is released and wait till a fourth campaign is released before I worry about AG2 (unless I somehow get a lot of gold to make it worthwhile)
What else does this highlight – well it backs up what ingenious has said previously – for any new players – it is worthwhile doing AG early on when to do so is much cheaper in terms of building costs – even if you only got a low amount of points they would then be banked as it were, whereas later on the cost of the buildings alone becomes a significant barrier and while a low faction level can be compensated with a skill potion, we cannot hire a building (would be nice if we could!).

For me this also means that campaigns may be a bit more doable without worrying about the highest difficulty level and the costly arts to play them. I may only do the middle difficulty of some, while the highest on others so that I average what I need but save gold.

What are others peoples views - would another campaign change peoples views on campaigns from being too costly to bother with to actually worth a bit of investment?
i would chose to play 120% difficulty always, to get as much points as possible in one time, thus you do not have to play it for a second time, saving money and time in future.

for the calculation, remind that ag 3 or more will be released someday eventually, those extra ag points you get from 120% difficulty will never be meaningless.
for RevolutionRebel:
That would require a special set.
Most people do not have all castles built, how can one expect them to have sets?

For me I think with 5 castles I opted for rookie difficulty.
Got AG1

after some time I am planning to buy set and play hero difficulty
for Bheem:
a pirate set is enough for most battles of 120% difficulty, which is not so expensive if you prepare it after each pirate event.
Also the difference between rookie and hero difficulties is surprisingly small
Now I think I read somewhere (didn't find it anymore) that if you're at level X, and have a halfway-finished campaign, you won't level up before you finish the campaign or play a hunt or such. And if you start another campaign before finishing the 1st, you can play that one as well at the lvl X. I was wondering if you can still join tournaments at the level X without leveling up?

If you can, it would be a nice tool for hard-core level campers, for example for someone who has fsl12 at lvl14-15 or fsl13 at lvl16-17. He could just play a campaign battle every now and then to keep workaholic penalty at bay, and join all tournaments with high guilds and fsl
Now I think I read somewhere (didn't find it anymore) that if you're at level X, and have a halfway-finished campaign, you won't level up before you finish the campaign
That's not true.. I leveled up while playing campaign battles only
Now I think I read somewhere (didn't find it anymore) that if you're at level X, and have a halfway-finished campaign, you won't level up before you finish the campaign
That's not true.. I leveled up while playing campaign battles only

Ok I see, that makes more sense anyway :) Thanks for clarifying !
for RevolutionRebel:
While I agree in theory if one takes the super long view and so did 120% with Wiz, thinking about it now in practice for myself it is not worth the investment in the more expensive set. I think for AG3 one is going to require something of the order 7000 points - this will not be achievable with the number of castles I am likely to be able to afford unless I liquidate a lot of assets in arts. Hence thinking across a 1-2 year period I will not be pursuing AG3 - hence the extra cost of getting full difficulty is not worth it.

I have a pirate and temporal set - though only with modest durability so the cost per battle is reasonable - just means that if you get a licence dropped and don;t lose many you make a loss, and if you don;t get a drop you make a big loss. Given that the drops are not guaranteed I would have to be careful to make sure I did not have cash flow problems at the end.

It may be better for me to sell my temporal set and buy an extra castle and get AG1 that way however, but I like the option of having it(temporal set), and potion of skill are also expensive and require intensive play to make worthwhile, something I cannot realistically do, so can only see myself grinding through campaign battles if it is a bit more straight forward.
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