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AuthorChanges in balance
Dear players, we have introduced certain changes to the balance:
1. Tribal spirit bonus of Centaurs outriders has been changed. For the first level of Tribal spirit they now receive +7 Attack and +4 Defense.
2. Heroes with an Expert Nature Magic skill can now summon Elementals of their choice, but with increased cost for 26 mana. The summoning of the random elemental remained as it had been before.
3. A new ability in the "Fortune" branch of skills for the Dwarfs "Piercing Luck": in any attack the unit ignores 3% of the target's defense for each point of luck.
4. For Necromancers Master animators the cost of abilities in the "Fortune" branch of skills reduced to 10, in the "Attack" branch to 9 points.
5. Cyclops shamans now have "Blind" spell, their mana increased to 20, increased the damage of the "Meteorite rain" spell, and the effect of increasing magical power from Tribal spirit has been lowered to one level down.
6. Increased health by 1 point for Hyenas riders.
7. Tribal spirit will be lost by 60 points from defense.
8. Increased the effectiveness of spells "Berserker" and "Teleportation" on the Expert level.

This is not the last changes to the balance. In the near future there will be subsequent significant changes.
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