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[Event] Protection of the villages!


Author[Event] Protection of the villages!
At the end of the battle...:
A stack of 8 Savage Trent vs two stacks of shooters. The stack of 8 Savage Trent decide to attack and kill a stack of 239 Peasants. Then it gets morale and goes and destroys a Hut.
In the end I lost 329 peasants and got 60 peasants.

Solution: Is it time to take a little break from this game?! :))))
Your result:

Population: 3,617
Resources: 58
Victories / Combats: 63 / 72

Parts of "Imperial amulet": 31
Population: 6,666
Resources: 80
Victories / Combats: 70 / 72
Population: 5,967
Resources: 23
Victories / Combats: 70 / 72

1 loss yesterday and lost 560 population :3
Defintely better to lose early in event, not late..............
Population: 6,663
Resources: 713
Victories / Combats: 72 / 72

It was a fun event. Hope the gold reward is worth it :)
Population: 6,514
Resources: 742
Victories / Combats: 70 / 72
I am supposed to have 36 parts of the amulet but i have only 31.Can anyone explain?
The maximum is 31 parts, not 36. And prolly 20 parts for top players to make it 51 as stated. While other players of lower rank can receive less than 20 parts just like the system of durability of arts. Just a theory, doesn't mean it can be true. :)
Isnt it 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9?
For 5 wins: +1 part:
for 10 wins: +2 parts;
for 20 wins: +3 parts;
for 30 wins: +4 parts;
for 40 wins: +6 parts;
for 50 wins: +7 parts;
for 60 wins: +8 parts;

Applicable upto 60 wins only. So total = 31.
Your result:

Population: 1,731
Resources: 263
Victories / Combats: 70 / 72

Parts of "Imperial amulet": 31

playing as chaos wiz.
i am sad..
70 wins and only 1.7k population? :o
Must have lost populations in a lot of battles.. But still pretty less for 70 wins I guess :o
Someone say low population?

Population: 903
Resources: 331
Victories / Combats: 51 / 64

Event is badly balanced, I was getting elf enemy with 50 horses, 20 trees and 250+ efk with my population below 1,000.
problem of playing as chaos.
when garg runs, they go after the innocent farmers.
i tried one game as battlewise, lost badly. the difficulty shot up way too drastically.
for Lord spiral-doom:
That's why I chose not to play this time round its bad
Population: 6,552
Resources: 703
Victories / Combats: 72 / 72

Could have done better population wise, but last few battles enemy targeting got me, they were going for houses or farmers even if there was a target like clerics or some other small stack of my army. The most loss was after the battle with that op dwarf, with 100+ bears and plenty thunderbois and non stop luck... that battle probably put me out of the tops :(

Was a good event nevertheless, rather expensive, but i hope we get plenty gold (or at least half what we spent) for the effort :)
Your result:
Population: 3,893
Resources: 106
Victories / Combats: 66 / 72
Parts of "Imperial amulet": 31

I had a the same problems as Brieds. I had trouble beating two factions in this event: Darkness Demons and Dwarves. DDs would be extremely OP with their fiends doing leap all the time and the Dwarves would wreck me with their insane luck and those annoying runes (especially resurrection). Everyone else I could handle without too much difficulty.
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