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Reporting myself - Illegal transfers

AuthorReporting myself - Illegal transfers
Please read this post for FULL context:

Alternatively, here is a copy paste of the post:


(Not sure if right place to post, move if necessary)

It wasn't obvious to me at first but I created this account back in 2009, 9 years ago when I was still a kid. I was going through some of my first transfer and combat logs to maybe get a nostalgia hit and see if I remembered anything... and as you can guess by the title I was delighted when I saw... illegal transfers.

It hit me that it was just a matter of time until someone would find and report this. And at this point I would rather go out now than later, and I'd rather not sit and worry about waking up one day and being blocked :^) so I post here to essentially turn myself in and be at mercy of the lordswm gods. I make my case here.

My defence:
1. The last transfer took place around 2010(8 years ago!!). I think this is a strong indicator that I will NEVER do it again(given the assumption that I'm more mature now and wouldn't break that rule ESPECIALLY given that I'm making this post.

2. Given all the multis are blocked/deleted I don't quite remember how this account still exists, but I'm happy it is. I originally felt like playing this game again so I created an account, only to find out, wait maybe I'll try my old account. If this isn't a sign from the gods I don't know what is. Notice that the new multi I created(that is pretty much only used for enrolls/quick tournaments or to try out events) has ZERO illegal transfers.

3. I'll gladly accept a punishment of the sort A. Gold penalty or B. Temporary ban, but would very much prefer not to get permanently blocked.

4. My lawyer said not to say anything else because I'll just make my case worse.

And obviously some reasons to not overlook my wrongdoings:

1. Whether it happened yesterday or 10 years ago I am still guilty of the crime. So I deserve the punishment which is a (blocked)

2. Unfair to others who had illegal transfers but no second chance at things.

Enough joking around, love this game so I guess I'll be honest about this, there are things I'd like to add and maybe proofread before posting but I think this will do.

Basically, if I'm going to get blocked I'd rather do so now than later. So I am handing myself in. Thank you for reading.
Just to clarify, this is NOT a BOW!
take under control
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