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Happy Valentine's Day!


AuthorHappy Valentine's Day!
Despite the ticklish military condition of the last few days, today is not a day for war or politics. The charms of Love have established their reign in the lands of the Empire, captivating each and all with its never-ending power.
Along with this bright magic, the formerly encountered "Heartvores" have made their way into the Empire again. Unable to avert the appearance of the Heartvores, a group of evil demonic spirits hungering for kind emotions which abound on this day, Her Majesty the Empress has issued an edict: be it with a sword, staff or purse, to struggle for the right to gift the warmth of one's heart-felt feelings. And judging by the numbers of brave heroes who amassed at the lair well in forehand, the edict has found a broad response in the hearts of the Empire citizens! Even the Hunters' Guild has decided to support the Empress' initiative. This year's Valentine's day promises to become more joyful than ever.

the magic of the Valentine's day has captivated our new homeland filling the air with essence of love and romance. It is the best time throughout the year to open up your heart for love, to cast away fear and doubt, and to multiply the bright emotions manifold by sharing them with those you care for. The only capable ones to thwart it are the demonic spirits who have stolen all the valentine's cards.
Any lord or lady of CL 3 and above may challenge them to fight for their right to express their heart. To do that, they will need to arrive at the lair of the "heartvores" located at the border of Dragons`s caves and Magma Mines and assault the demons. After vanquishing an enemy vanguard you will collect a Valentine's card which may be gifted to any character of the opposite gender.
Those who do not wish to spill blood on this brightest of days may attempt to seal an amicable deal with the thievish demons and to just buyout several cards with gold.
The Hunters' Guild has announced a reward of 0.25 HG points per card sent to honour the benign intentions of the brave romantics.

As it has become traditional, the Lord and Lady who will have received the most cards will be named Valentines of 2018! Only signed Valentine's cards will be credited; these cards will be displayed in the character's personal information page for a week.

Happy Valentine's to all loving and loved ones!


We had this Theme last year? Looks good.
I mean at top left corner.
Yeah, the theme looks familiar, I think we've had this before. So, how do we start the battles? Do we get ambushed or so? Or did the event just not start yet? I don't see any active Valentine combats yet.
So, how do we start the battles?

border of Dragons`s caves and Magma Mines and assault the demons.
Just gotta hang around I guess?
I just checked on .ru forum, seems the event hasn't started yet, or admins forgot a button or so :D. I'll just explore the caves a bit :p
Valentine's Day!

Every year, as the sun gently embraces the snow-covered landscapes of these magnificent lands, the inhabitants’ minds begin to muse about the arrival of spring and those hearts which were dampened by the incessant cold, begin to flutter at the thought of the oncoming occasion of Valentine’s Day. Even the demonic spirits, who feed on these expressions of love and affection devoiding the air of any warmth or compassion, won’t deter our battle-hardened warriors from expressing the softest and purest feelings of love to those who they care for. It is said that if you are sincere in your wishes and your heart is indeed filled with love, even the fiercest winter will have to loosen it’s grasp, driven away by the intensity of the warmth emanating from our heroes’ hearts. The unbelievers mock this belief deriding the romantic notion of winter being chased away by emotions, but passion which was chained by the biting and unfeeling cold when combined with the young hearts and uplifted spirits, leaves reason behind.

Lords and ladies, the Empire celebrates Valentine’s Day today and invites all heroes to take part in the celebration. This is an opportune moment to let out those emotions of love and affection that were buried in the crevices of your heart. Embrace the warmth and love in the air; and may the joyous moment give you the courage to clear any past misgivings, to be united in spirit once more and rise like a phoenix to face any challenges that the upcoming year might bring.

Even in the most blissful and merry of times, evil and darkness lie in wait. While the citizens rejoiced and poured their hearts out, the caravan containing the very expressions of love that the heroes dotingly wrote, was ambushed by the demonic spirits that lay in wait. All of the valentine’s day cards have been stolen. Once again, the responsibility to rescue the essence of spring and what each of those cards stands for, love itself, falls onto Empire’s citizens.

Any lord or lady of CL 3 and above may challenge the demonic spirits to fight for the fundamental right of this land’s citizens to express what lies in their heart. To accomplish this, heroes need to assault the “heartivores” lying in wait hidden in their lair on the border of Dragons’ Caves and Magma Mines. Each successful assault on an enemy vanguard will let you collect a Valentine's Day card which may be gifted to any hero of the opposite gender. Successful assaults might also lead to the heroes receiving additional rewards in the form of gold or creature armaments.

For those heroes who do not wish to shed blood on this upbeat and joyful day, you may attempt to negotiate with the spirits and exchange gold for cards (up to 30 pieces).

Hunters’ Guild has announced a reward of 0.2 HG points per card rescued and subsequently sent to honour the noble intentions of the brave romantics. The guild hopes that this reward will encourage the heroes to make sure that not a single expression of love can be kept captive by the sinister forces.

Last but not the least, as tradition dictates, the lord and the lady who receive the most cards will be crowned Valentines of 2018. However, only signed cards will be credited towards this honor. Even so, all heroes who receive cards will proudly display them on their character’s personal information page for a week.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones!
no we have a announcement on time but the event is late?
Lmao, good catch Platomic)))
Is this like the Halloween event where the fights start off easy and get harder as you go? If so, it sounds like a great chance to build up FSP with my alternae=te factions since I'm about 6k FSP away from Knight 12 but only 100 away from Dwarf 6 :)
Anyone been able to participate in an event battle yet?
Looks like the event is not even working. Last year and before you could click on challenge to fight them, now there is no such thing in location magma mines or dragons caves. Thanks admin, keep up the 'good' work.
it started :o
Happy Valentine's Day!You received Valentine's cards: 0 Send a Valentine's card! List of Valentines 2018
Anyone wanna send their cards to me feel free. :)
Anyone wanna send their cards to me feel free. :)
pretty good FSP Ratio in this event. and you can do it as many times as you want. pretty good event i think:)
34 wins and 2 losses on minimum ap
9180 gold for the victories and a good fsp ratio
not too shabby!!
sending cards takes some time , but free HG :)
Yeah i wish there was a better way to send the cards but its hard to complain. I've done this thing like 60 times so far with very good results on minimum AP. I don't recommend putting any extra money into it. The battles are very easy
Can we get a list of known female character names to send these cards to?
you dont need one silly, on your home screen is a button that says list of valentines 2018. click it and it has every char of opposite sex.
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