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afk on purpose

Authorafk on purpose

player asked on purpose and said in russian they were afking and did
player profile https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7203680

You just forgot to add why he went afk on purpose
Player banned by moderator Beliar until 2018-02-22 09:42:51 // p1 local rules CaP
i don't know the reason why he went ask but i do know he broke the rules
you do know very well why he left , cuz us i understand u can speak russian and my guess would be that you joined with more ap then it was in discreption :)
+ u even laugh about him
are you telling me i have to listen to to other players rules?? If they get mad and afk ruin my game nobody is going to punish them? i thought players went allowed to stage matches it should not matter how much ap i have in any game laughing has nothing to do with the report because laughing is not breaking the rules that player made me very upset when she afked because she knew she would lose
were not allow*
by the chat it doesnt seem that u were upset
Elexius is correct though. Players are not obligated to follow the description. AFKing without an IRL reason is against the rules whereas wearing more ap than asked is not.
i just want to point out that i lost 21 times and i never afk in any battle because its not fair to the player you faces in 1 v1 because there is no auto battle in that and you wast ap without even actually battling and you lose experience when they kill themselves.
1 on 1*
it just seems unfair to that other guy
unfair to that other guy?? are you being serious
there is no way you are being serious you have to be messing with me all i want is justice it should not take this long for a simple punishment
Thin about it this way grif. Elexius put twice as much money into the combat over his opponent and gained 90 exp because that person afk'd which is against the rules. There aren't rules about the amount of AP you can use in a combat but there are rules about afk
closed by Beliar (2018-02-21 09:44:39)
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