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227 ST level 3

Author227 ST level 3
Post your scores and waves please.
1.3 fiends bottom/speed orb
2.1 scubbi all sides/initative orb
3.4 protectors left/initative orb
4.3 golem left/1 shrew top/3 golems right/1 shrew bottom/arrow orb
5.4 centaur outriders/health orb
6.4 wolfriders all sides/health orb
7.2 liches left/1 treefolk top/2 liches right/1 treefolk bottom/mana orb
8.1 pristine unicorn all sides/assistance orb(25 hobgoblins)
9.1 hell horse left/1 nightmare top/2 lizard chargers bottom/health orb
Hi Mega Demon

I think there are not much level 3 active forum people

U should try and find waves and scores of Heroeswm.ru
I am indeed checking both the sites.Thanks for the tip anyway.
Highest score: Knight 2460; Necromancer 2610; Wizard 2207; Elf 2432; Tribal 4931
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Dwarf 4523
Wizard 6170
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