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Empire Defender Day!


AuthorEmpire Defender Day!
Lords and Ladies,

Today is known as the Empire Defender Day, the day when years ago the militants of the Empire stood firm in face of a great threat from the North and ended a barbaric onslaught of Recalcitrant Tribes.

So fierce was the savages' fury, so large their thirst for revenge, and so vast the pools of blood that literally soaked the grounds in the regions where battles were held, that every time this day cycles back into the life of the Empire, spirits of once bested foes reappear in material form to put our defenses to test, making us recall the past feats.

Today once more the northern frontiers of the Empire have been trespassed by the vengeful spirits and now haunt the lands challenging our defenders. All heroes of combat level 3 and above are sent a call to arrive at any of the northern frontier locations: Peaceful Camp, Eagle Nest, Sunny City, Crystal Garden, Fairy Trees, Ungovernable Steppe and to help repelling the enemy attacks occurring every 10 minutes. Total number of event combats is limited to 23, and each victorious attempt earns a gift card which may be kept or sent to any male character in whose profile they will remain until the end of February.
The Tavern will be offering free recovery drinks for the entire day.

This day makes us remember who we truly are: honorable and staunch defenders of the land we swore to call our home after a terrible cataclysm buried ours. We shall answer this call.

To arms!
Why I don't get any gold from the defense?
I get 220 gold per defense.
7 defenses with no gold reward :(
for FredySky: no arts = no rewards
no arts = no rewards
Ah.. no wonder I didn't get any
I am getting 300 gold now.
450 gold for me with min ap
hmmm. tresspassers not triggering anymore? haven't triggered for me in the last 20 minutes...............weird!!
Do these defender day battles use up durability on your arts?
for Javi:
i was able to get them all. not sure why it isn't working for everyone
Combats are quite simple..too easy even with min ap.
We hopefully get new event tomorrow,else only after March 1.

Unfortunate player
The last few combats get very tough.
For the final 3 combats you might want to max out your gear.
For the final 3 combats you might want to max out your gear.

Not sure about that, I used min AP for the first 20 and was fine, then put on a cheap shield for the last 3 and to be honest not sure if I needed it. And this is with a faction I am only FL7 on without all castle upgrades, so would be even easier if using your main

I think however if you faction has little ranged it may be trickier.
I believe you only get the gold reward if you use at least min AP.
The last battles were better than the first ones,but not tough.
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