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AuthorChanges in the balance 2
Dear players, there have been some changes in the balance:
1. Two new talents have been added to the "Nature Magic" branch: Master of conjuration and Master of obstacles.
2. The unique racial ability of Unholy necromancers, “Master animator”, has been changed. Now the raised unit is shifted on the initiative bar by [50+3*(Faction Skill Level)]%. The hero's shift on the initiative bar is cancelled. The HP bonus for raised creatures is removed.
3. "Triumph of death" ability of Death Proclaimers is changed - damage dealt is increased. In addition, the ability reduces the tribal spirit of the units of barbarians by 40 points.
4. The effectiveness of “Blind” spell of Cyclops shamans has been reduced.
5. Ability of Lodestone golem is changed to "Enchanted Armor" - They now take damage from opponent's spells, but do not take damage from the spells of allies;
6. Creatures with the "Tribal spirit" ability will not receive spirit points when darkness spells are cast upon them.
7. Recruit count has been increased for Unholy necromancer.
8. Faction bonuses have been updated for rare sets.

This is not the final change in the balance.
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