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Author11th Anniversary!
Dear players! Lords and Ladies!

Today our project celebrates its Anniversary - March 1st, 2018 is an impressive date of 11 years since parent server launch! Ten years seem like a huge period for any game, but we are sure it is not the limit. The game is constantly evolving and improving, and thanks to your playing and inviting friends, we look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries.

We are grateful to all those who have been with us for years and those who have joined recently - you all make this project interesting. Thanks to all of you, the world of War and Money improves year after year and remains a wonderful site for relaxation. And, of course, there will be more innovations, updates and news next year! We promise it will be real fun!

It has become a tradition that this festive date is abundant on presents, and this year the list of holiday features is no exception! Ladies and Lords, since March, 1st till 5th, please welcome the following game features:
1. One of four gifts is to be chosen for characters of combat level 3 and above (hurry up to get it!):
- personalized memorial artifact;
- Faction skill points;
- A master hunter license for 60 days;
- Abu-Bakir's charm for 30 days.

2. Faction skill points increased by 20%;
3. 20% bonus to diamonds received through donations;
4. Labour efficiency (including wages) increased by 20%;
5. Ability to enroll through mobile phones;
6. A free set of warrior or sorcerer shop artifacts for your level for up to 30 combats and 11 days for all lords and ladies of combat level 3 and above;
7. For your comfort and good rest, an «Auto-combat» button is available in all combats except CG battles and mixed tournaments (visible after combat settlement stage in the bottom right corner of the battlefield window);
8. Hunters', Mercenaries', Thieves', Rangers' guild combats 11 times more often;
9. The number of Watchers’ guild missions is doubled for the duration of the event;
10. Health and mana regeneration increased by 50%;
11. The entrance fees to all card tournaments are cancelled;
12. All entrance fees for quick tournaments 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 are cancelled;
13. Quick tournaments will be held every 2 hours;
14. The maximum bet in roulette is increased 3 times for characters of level 8 and higher;
15. Free energizing drink in tavern;
16. Mixed tournament plus without entrance fees, with special elixirs for 4, 9, 15 wins:


17. The Survilurgs’ planned attacks are cancelled;
18. The probability of getting a rare artifact in Chests of abundance is doubled.;

In addition to these presents, Alec offers you a special gift:

For 5 days, since March, 1st till 5th, all lords of combat level 3 and above can participate in a treasure hunt:

treasure hunt

1) In order to participate in a treasure hunt you have to buy a treasure map for 100 gold;
2) Up to 10 attempts per day. Unused attempts stack up for later days.
3) Only shop artifacts allowed. Enchantments have no effect.
4) Battles are of the form of duels - hero vs Treasure guards.
5) Victories can be rewarded with: gold, creature armaments, rare artifacts with reduced strength, diamonds, chests of abundance, or shop artifacts of your level.
6) For each victory, heroes will receive one part of the Imperial amulet.;

Happy Anniversary!
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