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[Update] direct link to potion of oblivion on character page

Author[Update] direct link to potion of oblivion on character page
You can now reset your parameters without going to the artefact shop.
YES! Absolutely amazing feature for lazy people like me :)

Question is, will they get rid of the potion now that it's noy necessary?
Cool upgrade ! tried it out and it works ! :D
I still find my shortcut in navi links more convenient but good work.
Nice update.. been asked for quite a bit. :)
So simple and so awesome, great feature!
Thank You, this is a good feature.

I am glad that some of ours "improvement" ideas became implemented!
Finally, more convenience now.
Whoah admins actualy implemented my idea!!! I feel honored !!!
Also nice new design for the combat finish ending when using HTML beta :)
now when we put a new maket lot we see item icon.
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