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Gamblers guild league

AuthorGamblers guild league
Trying to grind out GG levels is one of the games biggest challenges.

In order to make this a little less work and a little more fun I have had the idea to create a league for .com players, after all, if I'm going to lose I'd rather it be to a friend!

The rules of the league are simple, players will be ranked on the number of wins they have, with no limit on the number of games, players with an equal number of wins will be separated by "tower difference" the difference between the players towers at the end of the game.

If you would like to take part please post below your favourite location so people can get in touch, and once played send game links to me.

Good luck all :)
As you can see i was destroyed by acean ;)

Good idea :)
Nice :D
#1 Great idea! If you are so inclined, let us organize a tournament/league with prizes. I believe EFL and its members would support this and contribute towards the organization as well as some funds :)

Thanks for the idea and your work man! :)
I was thinking resetting the league each month, and creating an incentive type prize (like St) for both most wins and best win rate
Yeah thats an awesome idea :D

PS: This way i might expect tavern drinks coming to me :P
Ok so the league has been reset and the current prize pool is 5k per prize pot, but this may increase. The top 10% will receive a share of the prize fund, based on most wins and best win rate at the end of the month.

Get playing and sending in the links to me :)
Hey, how to join the league?

Simply add myself on the https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QGpl2GIiaFevm8rAvXjj6sRiVE3Q_gGgZIoxUbuvQoM/edit?usp=drivesdk ?
Just play a card game with a
.com friend and send the link to me i will add you to it, or can post link on forum :)
How is the league going?

(Slight bump to stop this going obsolete)
Still need a few more players for prizes this month!
First games of this month added between me and mega demon
You can hardly call me a gambler(Win rate-37.5%) :(
Up to 3 players for the month
Unfortunately it appears no prizes again, hoping for more activity soon, any ideas from anyone?
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