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The Portal of Time magic inexorably dried, with each hour more perseverly letting know to the members of the expedition that it was time to back home. And most of Lords didnít even try to object to this, submissively going back through the temporary rift. Only the most desperate didnít hurry to leave the battlefields. And it so happened that among them was the court wizard himself, who left the imperial camp just hours before the portal was closed with several learners and a small troops.

"The troops are disposed, Master", the lorekeeper said with a slightly breathless tone, leading up at full lick to Abu-Bakir from the direction of the forest. "The Jenie are on a hunt - it will be here soon!"
"Take up the defense!" - the court wizard forthright pronounced and began to whisper the magic spells under the rumble of the golems forming several rows.
Lorekeeper took up the position just behind his Master, prepared a magic stick and began to look closely at the "wall" of the tree trunks drowning in the evening twilight. A few moments of silence, when suddenly a flash of light appeared on the left hand, and at the moment later there was the sound of a metal rumble fell on the ground. One more moment - and a flash on the right, and behind - a crash of stone. The intenseness grew rapidly, and the lorekeeper's eyes involuntarily faltered, jumping to Abu-Bakir. The court wizard continued to whisper the magic spells, keeping perfect calm. Finally, the third flash - right in the center, at the edge of the forest, and followed after that the sphynx roar. It was a wake-up call. The free hand of Abu-Bakir, clenched at the fist, began to lift swiftly, smoothly opening the palm and releasing a cloud of sparkling blue dust in front of the wizard. At the same moment, an unknown force pierced the close golems row, scattering a lot of metal scraps at the whole horizon and headily heading for to the court wizardÖ "Stop!" - suddenly cried Abu-Bekr - and the image of beaming spirit was paralyzed in the half a meter away from him in a cloud of sparkling dust, caught in a timeless trap. But even inside, where time completely stopped, the court wizard could still observe how the irresistible streams of the original Holy continue to opalize. Without a second's hesitation, the wizard raised his stick higher, grabbing the other hand by the edge of the handle. Light movement by the brush - and inside there was a soft click, and then the crystal blade of the hidden stylet was appeared. Carefully approaching, Abu-Bakir thrusts the spearhead into the spirit chest with a sharp movement, releasing a powerful surge of energy that knocked down his learners. However, the wizard himself still keep ones balance, continuing to hold the stylet tightly and to watch how the streams of light, chaotically intertwining, form what was about to become a blinding flash, but managed only to shrink to the size of a small brightly shining spark. At the same moment Abu-Bakir pulled out the stylet and with a quick movement of the second hand described the circle with the top of the stick around the sparkling cloud, forcing the dust particles to collapse immediately to the size of a small bluish crystal, in the center of which the spark of the original Holy continued to shine. Carefully wrapping the crystal by the silk handkerchief, the court wizard hid it in his pocket and hurried back to the camp until the magic of the Portal of time completely dried.

Lords, the favorable period has expired - and the portal of time has again closed, marking the end of our next campaign in the past. The court wizard Abu-Bakir thanks everyone who responded to his appeal and steadfastly ensured the safety of the scientific expedition. For the hardiness and bravery shown, everyone who managed to collect at least 500 crystals awarded with a special unique artifact. Its durability depends on the number of crystals collected!


All Lords who collected at least 250 crystals awarded with the parts of Imperial armor from 1 to 30 pieces. The quantity of parts depends on the number of crystals collected!

All Lords who have won at least one battle are entitled to a gold reward for participation! The exact amount depends on the number of victories and the combat level of the Lord. To collect the gold, heroes must visit the Portal of times page.

The top 16 clans will be generously rewarded with gold from the treasury of the Empire and battle glory points.

Lists of the top 50 heroes and the top 50 clans were forever listed in the history of the Empire.
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