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Support strength of each faction----boss battle of campaign Amnitis Mysteries

AuthorSupport strength of each faction----boss battle of campaign Amnitis Mysteries
as we know, in the boss battle of Amnitis Mysteries, the enemy is huge, but we have a big pack of angel aiding us, all we can do is to support the angel at our best. therefore, it is one of the best tester for a faction's support ability.
I like this battle a lot, it is almost regardless of character build or artifacts worn. I wish we can discuss something about it, and always love to see somebody's amazing method on this battle.

in my view, the top 3 factions(alt) of this battle(or else, the pure support power), is:
classic wizard: holy+darkness+chaos+sorcery, very flexible. example(played badly):

white knight: holy+dark+paladin+inspire, can not have all of them but 3 out of 4 of them is enough. example:

tribal: rapid+delay+ritual+empathy, those angels moving crazy fast. example:

wish to see everyone's thought about this campaign battle.
Barrier talent or resistance works too, always use it. It protects your angels from darkness magic. Some factions can even use both these talents
Flute satire works good with extra morale for Angels
I did it fairly easily with dwarf and holy magic. I would be interested in seeing a darkness demon do that battle tbh.. since no evasion spell and confusion doesn't work.
I think the most pertinent thing to say however, is congrats RR on AG 2.

Myself I find those battle the least interesting, since all of the damage is done by unit I cannot control.
Congratz RR !
for Meshy:
-50% delay is strong enough to disable enemy, and antichrists can break the wall of those archers.
the hardest for me is barbarians(except shadow) and bw wiz, they have little support, I was forced to wear a lot to win this battle.
for ProZyk:
oh I forgot that artifact, it would be a good news for barbarians.
Hmm.. with BW, would dominion of tempest work? Or not strong enough you think?
for Meshy:
I used a combine of fire and frost, the effect of tempest is far worse than frost and it may hit yourself sometimes, we use tempest in pvp only because chain lightning is better at dealing damage.
however it is far from enough since it gives no strengthen to angels, delay+wasp makes your angels dumb like a tree stump, and you have no way to cope those shooters.
Just dug out my BW. I just moved my troops forward to block shots and raises such that he killed those and left the angel alone more often. At least that is what I did, I cannot remember my thinking from the time as this is a bit old now.

Whether the scores is based upon my troops left, or the total hp of the army (ie is it better to save your troops or the angels?) I do not know.

Mine as BW:

Milesteg did better as might with extra defense.


Classic wiz:

Barrier talent or resistance works too

Good to know, I would have never guessed, thanks.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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