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Fan Satellite Services in English

AuthorFan Satellite Services in English
Greetings, Lordship.

I would like to update the currently existing reference sites available for English players.
Please note that the Administration team has approved these sites and allows posting references to them in the forum, chat, personal information, etc. It does not, however, treat them as official guides and takes no responsibility for any lack of correspondence with actual game content as well as for any potential damage suffered through visiting them.

1) Military clan sites.
Two most helpful military clans have worked hard to create reference-type guides for all things LordsWM. It appears, both sites are working hard to keep game trivia as up-to-date as possible.

Angels & Demons forum, the publishing house.
The site has detailed information on guilds, artifacts, factions (including guides) and their creatures.

2) Lords of War and Money Wikia.
An up-and-coming reference source mostly aimed at beginning players, recently started by SirReal. All knowledgeable fans of the game are welcome to join the Wikia and help improve articles, write guides and add other useful reference information. Simply register on the Wikia, pick an area that youre familiar with or interested in, and start contributing. Contact SirReal (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=6136653) if any questions.

3) News sites. These sites are very developed in terms of community meaning. They allow tracking any, even the tiniest changes in LWM world to always remain informed; reading interviews with players to get to know the game from an all different perspective; to take part in all player initiatives, like unofficial contests, vanity games, trivia quizzes, etc. etc.
You would need to register at a News site to be able to take active part in its activities.

a) HWM Daily.
The website has grown so much and gained acknowledgment by the Russian player community so widely that it has become official.
Unfortunately, it is currently only in Russian language, with a tiny exception of several interviews and faction/class(?) guides in English.
It looks like they are planning to expand, for they are looking for people apt in both English and Russian to fill in this gap: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1935972

b) HWM Guide.
This site presents itself as a "HWM portal", apparently being a combination of an extensive game reference/guide and a news project - all in one! Unfortunately, the game guide part appears to be solely in Russian for now, but they promise to translate it step by step into English to make it available to LWM players as well.
What's even more pleasing, the managers of that site have already made a step to welcome Lordswm.com players by creating a special interface for English players to post news!
Some parts of the page are still in Russian, nonetheless, it should be intuitively clear what to do to post news about changes in the game.
Why not give it a try? Maybe it will be YOU who will deliver the news about the next changes to the English-speaking community =)
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