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[HWM Daily] Update and correction of articles

Author[HWM Daily] Update and correction of articles
We are making our first steps in making HWM Daily a better place. In this topic we will be posting about reworked articles. If there is an article you would like to be reworked, or if an article is unclear do not hesitate to let us know! Don't forget to provide a link.

We have already received one request and successfully completed it. Information about Potion of Skill should be more clear now :)

Thanks for this

Mob faction skill means the Faction skill level of the enemy?
Wait, are you telling me that caravans dont have anti??? Why does it feel that elven caravans take less damage from me then??
Anti against other factions I imagine it means.
for Meshy:
Mob faction skill means NPC faction skill. Corrected now :)
for Aurelija:
It is a good question, I have encountered that as well. But I think what is meant here is that if you are playing as an elf using the Skill Potion, an NPC mage in a caravan will not have any Elf faction skill himself.
Ahh I see, so in caravans, the only caravans that will have anti against you will be those of the same faction, cause they have fsl of that faction but others are 0. Makes sense.
The Potion of Skill description has changed

The magic potion blesses with the gift of true insight. Upon drinking it Heroes during fight in the middle of the battlefield level (see the table of average players) are given average skill level. The effect extends to all types of fights, but only to active faction, active for the time of 7 days only.

Can anyone confirm if this means that it doesn't work as before (Max FSL - 1) and instead raises FSL to the average according to the table in the article?

for Santremus:
Hmm it is strange indeed. On the russian version of the potion description it says the following:

"Upon drinking it Heroes receive faction skill level equal to the average FSL on that level or the highest FsL of another character in that combat (whichever value is the highest) MINUS 1. (see the table of average players)"

For example: If you are level 10 and you change your faction and then drink the potion of Skill you will have FSL 8 for that faction in all combats. However if you have another level 10 hero in your battle and that hero has FSL 10. Your FSL will become 9 instead of 8 in that combat.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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