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Paired Tournament Plus!

AuthorPaired Tournament Plus!
Lord and Ladies, the call to the tournament arena sounds again across the Empireís lands, and it issues a challenge to those brave heroes from combat level 3 and above to enter the 17th Paired Tournament Plus. Donít miss the opportunity to take part in this famed competition, renowned for its format of 2 v 2 paired battles between teams, both with pre-arranged partnerships and casual partners. Battle and win: For victory will grant you Commanders' guild points, increased faction skill points and of course, tournament points. The best of the best by tradition will share in the prize fund, and will also receive special tournament achievements which may be attained by any hero in any number of attempts:

  - 15 victories, with a win rate of 90% or higher

  - 15 victories, with a win rate of 80% or higher

  - 15 victories, with any win rate

What is more, for each victory in the tournament you will earn one creature armament, while for your 5th, 8th and 12th wins you will receive a special elixir:

 For 5 wins

 For 8 wins

 For 12 wins

The effects of these elixirs do not apply in PvP Tournaments, Commandersí Guild, Survival Tournaments or text quests. The elixirs may be consumed only before July 1, 2018.

Furthermore, during the 17th Paired Tournament Plus you can earn parts of the Imperial helmet:

For 1 win - 1 part.
For 3 wins - 2 parts.
For 5 wins - 4 parts.
For 8 wins - 8 parts.

Bronze achievement - 10 parts.
Silver achievement - 12 parts.
Gold achievement - 15 parts.

The parts you receive for winning battles, will be given out during the tournament. Wins in both the pre-arranged and random pairings are taken into account, so you can be rewarded for entering both sides of the tournament. The parts awarded for the cups will be issued at the time of the awarding. A Lord will only be awarded parts for the one best cup they receive. In total, the maximum possible number of parts of the Imperial helmet, that can be earned for the tournament, is 30. This is NOT the last event where parts of the Imperial helmet will be issued.

Attention! The tournament will draft players for the random and pre-arranged events at different times. From the :00 to :10 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the random pairing event. From the :30 to :40 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the pre-arranged team event. Thus, it is no longer possible for a pre-arranged team pairing to come up against a random pairing in the tournament!

Attention! This tournament format does not place any restrictions on the number of losses. You can battle as many times as you want, until you reach the maximum number of wins and the tournament achievements are available to all Lords! Prizes will only be awarded to those who reach the required number of victories, in any number of attempts.

It is important to note - there are no entrance fees in this tournament!

Let the best coordinated team win!
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