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setting for the AI hero wrong?

Authorsetting for the AI hero wrong?
Look at the troops of my holy knight enemy (level 16) in a WG castle fight.


Now look at the troops of the AI holy knight enemy (level 17) in another player's WG castle fight.


As you can see, a level 17 AI hero only has less than half of a level 16 AI hero. Anything wrong? Maybe my enemy is supposed for level 18?
Both players you've linked are of level 17.

Unless I am mistaken, the strength or difficulty of WG missions depend on faction/class you're attempting it with (not just combat level). If you were to play as dwarf, you might've gotten an enemy similar in strength to that of the other player.
Your WG level is higher, that makes the combats more complex (difficult). Coupled with the elf faction it may be the reason.
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