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Why is dwarf so overpowered ?

AuthorWhy is dwarf so overpowered ?
Invokers: Hit everyone in the stack. super high damage. Immune to lightning. 8 speed. Can avenge also. And also the rune.
Frontier ursary: knockback. So high recruiting. immune to spells that decrease defence, so lizards are waste against them. And also the rune.
Magma dragon: 280 hit points. why ? 4 recruiting. why ? extremely high damage. why ? And also the rune.

I could carry on with patriarchs, master spearman, berserkers, but i guess everyone gets the point.
If you want to win dwarf stop playing mage and go TDE.
Welcome to the dwarf hater club :P
Hate us cause you ain't us.
Dwarves have trouble dealing with tanky factions, in my experience. The new talent (Piercing Luck) does something to aid that but then it means your slow (regarding initiative) troops can't benefit much from Morale (Leadership talents), atleast on our level. Also, Soldier's Luck is Go(o)d for Dwarves (Mayhem and Paw Knock. Judgement not so much but always welcome) .
I am not saying i want to win or anything, just saying.

Too much power. No other faction has this much.
If you want to win dwarf stop playing mage and go TDE.

I have seen TDE losing against dwarf's too because of their new skill "Piercing luck"
And don't forget the rune of resurrection ;-)

To be honest, I was also complaining about dwarf when they were released. But I felt there is no point in slandering them. So I built my own dwarf castle and now trust me, I can say dwarf is the same as other factions.

Try it! Only then you'll know it.
Welcome to the dwarf hater club :P
Let me quote one sentence-
Any faction can be the best; BUT definitely not the one you are playing now.
I think I have the right to say dwarf OP after get hundreds of cg points and a mt++ gold as it.
at level 16+, they have no weakness. in a fair battle between well-built characters, dwarf has more than 60% favor against most factions and builds, only few extremely builds can have better favor over dwarf (too extreme that they stand no chance against magic de), and even in such match dwarf has still over 30% winning rate.
a faction with great damage, great meat, heavy shooters, and great mobility, and good magic resistance due to piercing luck. they can be nearly invincible in a good player's hand.
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