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Three days of bonuses


AuthorThree days of bonuses
Dear Lords and Ladies,

Abu-Bakir and Grammith have decided to grant bonuses for victorious combats from now till July 2nd. The court wizard will provision for an extra reward to be given for each Watchers’ Guild’s quest that has been completed for a full 3 stars. Warlord Grammith, not to be outdone, has announced a bonus for every victory in a Commanders’ Guild battle. However, do note that the total number of rewards cannot exceed 6 per day.

The bonus may be gold, creature armaments, a rare artifact of low durability, diamonds, Chest of Abundance, or a shop artifact in accordance with the hero’s combat level.

Victory to you and your troops!
Do post your rewards here.
So bad timing , busiest time per year in work..
I got a Militant sword 15/15 and an attack armaments for goblins in my 2nd WG today.
My eyes hurting bad now
2 CGs, both time my partner got 1 diamond, and i got stupid armaments both time.
After 3 CGs i have 8 creature armaments , 01 35/35 obsidian helmet , 01 35/35 obsidian shield.
Got 15/15 Servant of Darkness Helmet, and approx 5k gold from the other 2 quests on this ID
Got 35/35 Dragon shield, 1 Diamond and a set of creature armaments on my additional character.
Well, the RNJesus still hates me. Demonic item 15 15 and 2 times arnaments.
Also I need to play cg now and cg is pain because enemies are 80 defense tribals and allies are 40/40 elves whose 100 efk needs to hit a shaman 4 TIMES to kill ONE of them....
Also I need to play cg now
You don't need to :)
have got gold now for 3 times :(
I would gladly trade your gold for my armaments.
I managed to finaly win a cg battle! To get more arnaments (3 now)
I managed to finaly win a cg battle! To get more arnaments (3 now)

Why have you got a bow as TDE?
Why have you got a bow as TDE?

Coz cloak of sun on TDE is too mainstream these days :p
Day 1

1) +1 attack armament for Rouges, +1 attack armament for Orcs, +2 Defense armament for Clerics, +1 defense armament for Forest brethren, +1% initiative armament for Lave Dragons

2) 2392 gold

3) 1 diamond

4) +1% initiative armament for Tribal beholders, +2% initiative armament for Dwarven ursary, +2 attack armament for Sky shamans, +1 defense armament for Sphynx immortals, +1% initiative armament for Goblins, +2 defense armament for Grotesques

5) 2262 gold

6) Obsidian shield [5/5]
Another win, another batch of arnaments...

Why have you got a bow as TDE?
Cause I am an idiot aperently...
I probably wouldn't take a dagger either tbh
I probably wouldn't take a dagger either tbh

Fire elemental damage is nice tho
What is the percentage of getting chest of abundance?
less than you would want
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