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New campaign: Mysterious Epidemic

AuthorNew campaign: Mysterious Epidemic
A while ago, residents of several villages complained of symptoms of an unknown disease. Local healers proved powerless, and urgently turned for help from the court healer, Tarayden... but as we now know, he was abducted along the way.

The healer has since been rescued and has finally reached the focus of the epidemic. But now he faces a whole new danger…

Dear Lords and Ladies! We are excited to introduce the third battle campaign, Mysterious Epidemic. Here’s what it has in store for you:

- new landscapes,
- new creatures,
- nonlinear progression possibilities, and
- awards for victorious battles, and for completing the campaign, as well as points towards the Adventurers' Guild.

The new campaign storyline continues where "Finding the Healer" left off, but anyone can try their hand at it.

Enjoy the riveting adventure!
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