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Pausing PvE fights with timer

AuthorPausing PvE fights with timer
Many players had to face it. You play an event PvE fight with your teammate(s) and suddenly something important interupts you and you must go afk for a while.
Why not to add a pause button to such fights which would pause te fight (pause the time) after ALL players in that combat press it? Isn't it better for whole team to pause and wait rather than break the whole result?

The basic idea is to allow pausing only after all players in the combat press it and once any of those players unpause, time would run again. I can imagine this even in PvP fights. One player writes that he needs 5 minutes afk and if all players agree and want to be fair, they can pause.

Limits of pausing can be considered.

I faced this problem so many times...It would be great if they actually bring this update into action :D
Good thinking
and once any of those players unpause, time would run again

so basicly you say "i need 15 minutes" we all agree, you leave, then after 30 seconds i say "let's start again" and push the unpause button, and your Partner find himself losing alone because you still are going to be afk for 14 minutes?
12# The mate would be AFK anyway since he said he had an urgency to care about (In this hypothetical situation we talk about).
... So it's an added functionality, IMHO.

PS: I honestly don't know if I would accept to wait the enemy if he said he had an urgency, since not accepting to Pause would mean a free win for me (Enemy would miss 3-5 Turns before Auto, enough for us to win.
It would be very polite and sportsmanship like to wait for him.

Overall interesting debate we could put up, and interesting suggestion. :P
Sorry for mistakes, typing from Phone.
Anyone who has ever played Dota2 will know this kind of pause system does not work in pvp, no one would agree to it from enemy side.

However I think for pve this could be really good, possibly you could make the system where a player proposes a pause and the ally has a certain amount of time to decline? that way you can pause a hunt assist for example if your friend has disconnected?
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