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shop artifacts


Authorshop artifacts
i bought 2 cuiras of down bougt one for my self other i put on market for a decent price 400 under the rest lets see if they go under me and restore the prices a bit
for Issy404:
they wont

demand is high
Shop refilled
after 5 days refilled probebly the one who refilled it run out of artifacts and now he refilles, 5 times 12 is 60

the dammage has already been done

after 5 days he refills because the one refilling run out, and sold hiss stock same old bull crap every event

and dares asking me if am happy for what ? event is as goood as over now he can stick it were the sun dont shine
moral of the story : DO NOT discard finished shop arts while a shop art event going on ;)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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