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Team blindfold tournament!

AuthorTeam blindfold tournament!
Lords and Ladies, today in the walls of the arena there will launch the Team blindfold tournament, unprecedented in the lands of the Empire for many years. It can take every daredevil of the 3rd combat level and above, that dare to fight according to the rules of "everyone for himself" combat type, where each of the three sides provides two heroes, but only one wins! At the same time, the distinctive features of all participants are hidden by the properties of the "blindfold arena". As before, the best tacticians, as well as points towards the Commandersí guild, will be able to share the prize fund and earn unique tournament achievements!

This format of the tournament, in which there is no limit to the number of defeats, means the achievement will be available for every brave hero! Bronze award can be achieved by any lord who scored at least 80 points, regardless of the number of battles. Award rules:

- 20 battles and at least 90 points

- 20 battles and at least 85 points

- 80 points for any number of battles

Moreover, for 30, 50 and 70 points will be awarded with a special elixir:

 For 30 points

 For 50 points

 For 70 points

The elixir effect does not apply to battles in tournaments, Commandersí guild, survival tournaments and text quests. Elixirs should be used before 1st September 2018.

And in order to emphasise the special importance of this tournament, the personal success of each Lords will be further encouraged by parts of a special artifact:

for 5 points: +1 part;
for 10 points: +2 part;
for 15 points: +2 part;
for 20 points: +3 part;
for 30 points: +3 part;
for 40 points: +4 part;
for 50 points: +4 part;
for 60 points: +5 part;
for 70 points: +5 part;
for 80 points: +6 part;
for 85 points: +7 part;
for 90 points: +8 part;

This is the last event where parts of the Imperial boots will be issued!

If you can collect 100 parts of the artifact, you will be granted from the fragments, a fully-fledged artifact. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred for repairing or enchanting.

Please note - there are no entry fees for this tournament!

Attention! In this tournament, the speed at which tribal spirit is accumulated is halved.

Success in the tournament!
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