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English Russian Indicator

AuthorEnglish Russian Indicator
Okay , so everyone knows after merge how difficult it is to talk to stranger people , as you can't predict whether they are russians or english players ....

To avoid this inability , I had a very cool idea , why don't we get an option to choose in our profile , in which we can select what languages we can speak??

And the languages we select are visible to all in our profile

So the benefits of this are , before talking to someone we'll be knowing which languages they are comfortable with , this will help in easy conversation between 2 players , and will bond different kinds of players with each other too.. ^^

If you like it leave a "+1" ;)
You can just write in your own profile what language you speak if you want. There is no need for a game setting to force people to identify their own speaking languages.

to improve the idea, this option once set, would be shown beside your name in game's chat
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