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Enable Aimed shot ability of Crossbowman for Mercenary quest

AuthorEnable Aimed shot ability of Crossbowman for Mercenary quest
No proper sense for disabling 'Aimed shot' ability of 'Crossbowman' for Mercenary quest!!!

Since All faction change is instant, anyone can use the Knight faction to deal Monster quest with Crossman's 'Aimed shot' with ease.

By disabling the ability, such unique feature fun is no more!!
Ah, you mean the Skill "Reactive Armor"? (Or "Organic Armor", I dont remember)

Its not the Aimed Shot that is disabled, but the enemy having a natural protection against defence ignoring. Pretty much like "Full Metal" of Bears.

Meh, Idk...
Then, Wizards could also say their spells only work for 20% of Effectiveness, or Dark Elves could also say their Lizards are kinda "Useless"

Its the way it is, and we gotta "Put up with it".
There are other things I dislike from the game (Not the one you mention here, though), and thats the way it is.
The one you talk about, I find a very "Minor issue", Tbh.
Can't c9mplain about every little thing. Monster quest are more of a challenge because of this ability. I can understand you being annoyed about it because you didn't know about the ability from last time you played. But don't ask for th8ngs to change just adapt your playstyle.
I'd offer to move this to ideas and suggestions, but it violates the local rules.

I find myself agreeing with Ipsen (I'm sure it's confusing and scary for both of us). Monsters also have a lot of health making my spearmen unlikely to use mayhem, we should change that too?
Yup!! why not let all the those to be enable again?!! Aimed shot, lizard charge, wizard and so on

Anyway the monster has no limit for level up. It will be keep growing only. We can have such fun.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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