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[2018.08.21] Day of Vigour

Author[2018.08.21] Day of Vigour
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Vigour! Only today:

  • In all duels, group battles and Commanders' Guild battles, all creatures have 5 Luck and 5 Morale. Morale applies to the Necromancer faction.
  • Oh wait, didnt we have this 20 days before?
    Weird (Pretty much, with the amount of different Day Bonuses one can think of), but Okay.
    This is not the 1st time when there is same daily bonus , but i think you can't come up every day with new bonus :P
    Then lets suggest them/make them up!
    The +5 morale & luck doesn't apply for the event, right ?
    closed by Meshy (2018-08-22 00:04:47)
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