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Blacksmith is practically "dead" element of the game - modernization

AuthorBlacksmith is practically "dead" element of the game - modernization
I have recently started the adventure with this game.
The game is great, especially when you played a lot in "Heroes".
However, I do not like one feature in the game. It is a blacksmith.
Blacksmith in ancient times was the "heart" of a castle or village, any development could not take place without the participation of a blacksmith - here, due to high costs, he is practically dead.
The blacksmith should be modernized.
1. Blacksmith should repair using raw materials, not money. The cost of repair should consist of an appropriate amount of raw materials from which the artifact is built.
I understand that money is the "equivalent" of raw materials, but using raw materials would give a better "climate".
2. Another issue - repair costs - are too high - repair is unprofitable.
In the past, they tried to fix things as long as they could - and this approach would be logical in the world of this game. Now, instead of "fantastic medieval", we have a modern era "made in china" - better to throw away and buy new ones.
The costs should be lowered and expressed in raw materials - the time is known - the weaker the smith, the longer. Alternatively, money can be used to speed up work as the equivalent of employing "helpers".
3. The blacksmith should recover metal raw materials from used artifacts - a blacksmith with broken metal elements could always forge something else.
And here it is used up - it would be logical if some part could be turned back into raw materials for use or sale.


ps. Poorly written in English - I helped with the translator - it can be fun :)
I woudnt say blacksmith is dead :P
on point 2:

I think that's intended, the fact that even player with max smith guild level cannot make 'durability profit' with normal artifact should be obvious enough (95% cost for 90% dura repair). Changing this rule also gonna affect to existing industries, the item production facility depends on players to purchase. All in all players supposed to dump old stuff unless it's rare / enchanted / repaired too much.

I doubt it's 'dead' in anyway, if those who have high level in smith guild leaving, the one left would have benefit of exclusivity and can charge more but as we can see, it's stuck at 101%-105% pricing range.
for Porucznik_Slavko:

isnt it a bit early for you to have such major conclusions ?

you bave very limited experience how the whole game works.

Getting to max smith is huge investment without (almost) any gold revenue afterwards but once there you have a life boat. During events, there is huge shortage of needed equipment. simply supply cant cover demand. repaired arts make you keep playing that event.
The blacksmith is a blacksmith, not a jeweler, not an alchemist, not a wizard, let alone a university professor. This is a guy who bangs with a hammer. The amount of resources needed to train a blacksmith is illogical. His services should be more common.

You do not need a lot of experience in the game to draw such conclusions. Unless this blacksmith is a blacksmith professor repeatedly habilitated :)
It takes years to be a blacksmith in real life, it's not just "banging a hammer". It's called skilled labour. Bit like how building a house is skilled labour.

I know that "banging a hammer" is an unjustified simplification. But forgive, the jeweler, for example, is a much more difficult job. I want to show the mechanism in which the novice blacksmith is of no use to most players. And this is not such a "unique" profession. Even a novice blacksmith can do something.
The amount of resources needed to train a blacksmith is illogical.

with your narrow window of experience ( or lack of )

do you have any idea how expensive an enhanced weapons is ? They have magic built in it ( agree, enhancements done by some more intelligent guild members).

I'll save you some calculations. such arts start with 500.000 gold. price tag goes up and above. once their dura depleted, what owners do ? go to guys banging hammer :d
Reading and understanding is also a difficult art. I'm not saying that you do not need a super expert for high level weapons. I argue that for most players on low levels it is unnecessary - and this is illogical. Once there was absolutely everything that could be repaired, because the repair was cheaper than the new thing.
repair is still cheaper then a new one... just not by as much as before
our english hinders us both.

Reading and understanding is also a difficult art.

cant agree more.

what Im trying to tell you is simple : what seems illogical to you is actually logical. you just cant see it yet. give it a few years, you will understand.

in example :
2. Another issue - repair costs - are too high - repair is unprofitable

it is admins best interest to keep it expensive, hence create a need to BUY diamonds if a player wants to fight A LOT. same reason why blacksmithing can not create a big revenue ;)
Repair cost is expensive to make rare artifacts... rare and valuable. There's likely at least a thousand or two rare artifacts of each kind awarded in every event. If repairing them was not expensive, even low durability rare arts would be repaired instead of discarding them once at 0 durability. It would considerably increase supply and completely shift the actual economy. Similarly economy of the so-called "made in China" system would be killed too, production of new artifacts is what lets everyone enrol and earns money to war clans.
On one level I agree with the original poster, however the given motive is to make the effect similar to a real world scenario. Similarity to real life is frequently ignored in this game (troops fine back to life after every battle) a hero holding a sword means an archers arrows do more damage etc. However, repairing needs to be inefficient, artifacts must wear out, otherwise the economy and but with as there and be insufficient turnover. Production facilities and not be not from as often, so people would not be able to enroll etc.

So while it did not match real life fully, well just add it to the list. But it serves a valid purpose by not matching real life fully.
Sorry, missed some places where my phone replaced what I typed and made gibberish!

Hopefully you can glean enough from what is left......
Blacksmithing as the opener suggests sounds more interesting I think :) but unfortunately not really applicable to the game, for reasons people already wrote
Very cool idea! :)

I don't think admins would implement it unfortunately. It's too big of a change and the game doesn't have many things which give a medieval feel, which is unfortunate.

Well, +1 anyway :D
I do not know how my ideas would shake up with "economics" - I do not even want to know - in my opinion they would heal it (but this is my opinion - probably because I play recently), economy - in which the new item costs 180 (Ring of dexterity ) and repair it in 10% 171 - is sick.
If, however, other changes could not be introduced - at least let the blacksmith recovers metal raw materials, he will have something to do - and besides, environmental protection and recycling is fashionable (at least in my country) :)
+ 1 to 1 and 3, 2 is pretty moot except that there should be some refund if this idea (1, 3) is implemented, like there was for wizards when mini-artifact mechanism changed.

Although, to be fair, the net cost of repair isn't substantially different than the net cost of new artifact using resources/labor. Just a small reduction... like 1 to 2.5 %.

The only thing I would add relates to this:

This is a guy who bangs with a hammer.

Lord or Lady who spends years banging away with a hammer should develop some pretty sturdy muscles. Hence, + 1 to Attack for every 2 levels of smithy?

Or +1 to Attack every level from level 5 onwards?

Or maybe level 5 smith = +1 Initiative, level 6 +1 Defense, level 7 +1 Attack, Level 8 and Level 9 +1 of each. That way the bonuses only amount to +2 +2 +2, which shouldn't be too much of a game-changer early on unless a player is just incredibly dedicated to the grind.
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