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[Jewelcrafter][5x6][Armorer][5x6] [Paybacks+Bonuses]

Making free for all enchantments up to 5 modifiers. A level 6 armor and a level 6 jewelry. I also can open the fourth modifier for elements only and fifth modifier on jewelry just for nothing in case it is water magic slot (or it can be other slot but you pay price difference).

Smith status can be found in the character information.

For fast messaging use link:

Services details:

•Armorer 5x6% (minus 1 of each type of needed elements + pay back 100 gold for each element sent by you)
•Jewelcrafter 5x6% (minus 1 of each type of needed elements + pay back 100 gold for each element sent by you)

1) Everyone who orders a (smith service + brand) will receive the lifetime repair option for this item at 90% efficiency for 100% of the price (upon reaching this lvl of efficiency, before that repair will be X0 strength for X0 price, where X0 is the current percentage of repairing efficiency)
2) Everyone who orders a smith service getting free rent of an apartment in house #70 (Tigers Lake) for the period of enhancement


ELEMENTS required for enhancement, and work time:

6% - 12 elements (24 hours)
5% - 9 elements (18 hours)
4% - 6 elements (12 hours)
3% - 4 elements (8 hours)
2% - 2 elements (4 hours)
1% - 1 elements (2 hours)

• Earth magic shield >>> Meteorite shard
• Fire magic shield >>> Fire crystal
• Water magic shield >>> Ice crystal
• Air magic shield >>> Windflower
• Decrease attack of charging stack >>> Moonstone + Abrasive

• Nature magic spell efficiency bonus >>> Windflowers + Tigers' Claws
• Earth magic spell, ignore air shield >>> Meteorite Shards + Tigers' Claws
• Air magic spell, ignore earth shield >>> Windflowers and Meteorite Shards
• Water magic spell, ignore fire shield >>> Ice Crystals + Witch Blooms
• Fire magic spell, ignore water shield >>> Fire Crystals and Abrasives
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