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[2018.08.30] Parading Day

Author[2018.08.30] Parading Day
Astrologers proclaim the Parading Day! Only today:

  • In all duels, group battles and Commanders' Guild battles, all player creatures are equipped with the best creature armaments.
  • Well, thats interesting.

    I suppose it will have no "Impact", as in "Gameplay Experience"?
    Because Benefits all Builds, giving Atk, Def, and Ini.

    Good thing though, that improves "Physical Appearance/Design" of Monsters, since you get to see their improved stuff/armor/weapons in Art-Work.
    Admins does love CG and i think its not bat at all :)
    More PVP , more fun .
    ^ Did not realize it, but now that you say it, you might be right.
    Yes, they have been doing "Stuff" to foment/encourage it.

    Maybe the want to make the game more "Competitive", and less "Heavy PVE" oriented.

    Also, weird that this Bonus Day is only for PvP, but it may have to do with what you are saying.
    Does it work for MT+ also? - its PvP
    I suppose not.
    It says "Duels, GBs, CGs".
    tournament isn't these if we take it literally.
    for RicHunter:
    Only duels, group battles and Commanders' Guild battles, no tournament battles.
    closed by Meshy (2018-08-31 00:01:06)
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